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Monday, 12 July 2010

Podcasts: When do you listen to them.

I generally listen to podcasts when i want to relax like before I go to sleep or when I am on long journeys but I know lots of people listen when painting. when do you listen.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Reading this week: Caiaphas Cain Hero of the Imperium.

Still reading this omnibus. It has 3 books and 2 short stories and I am not the fastest reader in the world as i like to take things in. I won't spoil it other than to say that it is a great read and really quite funny. there is also a lot about pychology in as Cain is not as good a man as everyone thinks. lets just say if there was him, his mum and a hive tyrant that he would push his Mum forward and run.

More next week, Thanks for reading,


Podcast Of The Week: Heelan Hammer: Do's it

So, this is a new installment on this new blog. The podcast i chose this week was Do's it from Heelan hammer. They are an absolutely amazing podcast with a superb premium content section. It is run by Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp. This week they talked about the 6 nations event which was a practice for some of the ETC (European (world) team championship) Dan played for England and Wayne played with team Lurker who were the ringers. they also chatted about 8th edition and had a blast of a time talking to Jeff carol from Podhammer. Check them OUT!!!!

Thanks for reading,


Welcome: to my new blog, Ahriman's lair.

So, recently I have not posted on Gamers World and I am at a bit of a low with 40K. One of the things I do still enjoy is reading it's fiction though. So, I have made this new blog and this will be my home. Expect detailed book reviews along with anything else that is on my mind. See you soon.